Most crude oil production requires treatment to remove water, salts and other contaminants (BS&W) prior to transmission to the refinery. There are various types of contaminants that may exist in the crude oil including:

  • Free Suspended Contaminants such as water and sand that exist in the oil in a free form. The contaminants are carried and held in suspension by the turbulence of the well stream. Reduction of crude flowing velocity allows for these contaminants to be easily separated.
  • Emulsified Contaminants describes water and BS&W that are tightly entrained in the crude oil in an emulsified form. The removal of these contaminants can require a variety of treatments including chemical, heating, coalescing and settling.
  • Dissolved Contaminants can be wax or bitumens that are dissolved in the crude oil. The removal of these contaminants can also require a variety of treatments including chemical, heating, coalescing and settling.

KOCKEN Energy Systems Inc. offers a variety of configurations of treaters in both vertical and horizontal configurations. KOCKEN horizontal treaters are unique in the industry as they are of split flow design. All KOCKEN treaters are fabricated in accordance with API 12L Specification for Vertical and Horizontal Emulsion Treaters, GPSA Section 8 and other applicable Industry Codes and Standards.

All KOCKEN equipment is constructed according to their associate API Specifications, ASME Section VIII, Division 1 requirements and customer specifications as required.

KOCKEN Sistemas de Energia Inc. offers a wide range of crude oil processing equipment. Application of the correct technology removes salts and water from any crude oil stream to produce a stabilized product with BS&W ( Basic Sediment & Water ) values guaranteed as low as 0.1%. Implementation of distillation / stabilization via vacuum induction or heating provides precise control of the stream va- por pressure, sweetens, and ensures safe storage and transportation of the product. We have a vast array of experience working with all mixtures of crudes ranging from extra-heavy sour Mayan having specific gravities as low as API 6 to WTI grade API 40. Let KOCKEN apply the correct technology for your crude oil processing application.