Kocken Systems Inc. separators are available in both horizontal and vertical configura- tions and in two, three, or four-phase designs. All separators are constructed according to the API 12J Specifications for Oil and Gas Separators, GPSA Section 7, ASME Section VIII and applicable Industry Codes and Standards. In addition to published design standards , Kocken has a vast array of in-house programs and standards that have been developed from real world operating data and customer feed- back.

Kocken Energy Systems Inc. offers the following separation technologies:

  • S-Cone Inlet Device
  • High Efficiency Mesh Pads
  • Multi-Bank Mist Eliminators
  • Vortex Tube Recycle
  • High Efficiency Vanes
  • High Efficiency Mesh-Vane
  • Inclined Mist Eliminators
  • Gas-Liquid Cyclonic

Kocken Energy Systems Inc. considers any and all combinations of the available technologies to offer the best overall solution based on the actual conditions of operation and separation objectives. A combination of S-Cone Internals and Multi-Bank High Efficiency Mesh-Vane assembly can achieve up to 99.9% removal efficiency of 1.0 microns and larger with 12:1 turndown while handling liquid loading to as high as 2,000 BBLS per MMSCF of Gas.

The right combination of selected technologies improves efficiency, minimizes equipment size and weight, and reduces both capital and operating costs. Let the team of Kocken engineers help you select the best separation solution for your project.