KOCKEN Energy Systems Inc.’s 22,400 ft.² fabrication and assembly shop is located on five acres in St-Antoine New Brunswick, Canada. The facility has been designed and laid out specifically for structural fabrication, piping fabrication and package assembly.

The shop includes a dedicated state-of-the-art sandblasting and paint building to ensure the highest quality finished product. Our 3,000 ft.² warehouse utilizes a barcode tracking system to maintain precise and accurate material traceability. Our 3,000 ft.² office space is appropriately located adjacent to the warehouse / fabrication section of the facility and ensures direct and immediate communication between the workshop / warehouse / quality control departments and the procurement / engineering / drafting departments.

KOCKEN employs full-time Project and Production Management, Estimating, Drafting, Procurement, Quality Control and Warehouse personnel onsite. A core group of 15 highly skilled tradesmen is maintained for the base shop loading. As shop loading increases, KOCKEN draws from the local labor pool to ensure delivery timelines are met. At capacity, KOCKEN is able to manage up to 40 tradesmen achieving in excess of 100,000 production man-hours per year.

We have arranged the facility in accordance with lean manufacturing ideals and assigned designated areas for fabrication, hydrotesting, assembly and painting. The assembly area is outfitted with three 10-tonne overhead cranes with 21’ to 36’ under-hook heights, making it ideal for module assembly and loading. The piping fabrication area is outfitted with two two-tonne overhead cranes with a 12’ under hook height. A single five-tonne overhead crane services the structural steel fabrication area.

KOCKEN subcontracts fabrication of ASME Section VIII Pressure Vessels to a strategically allied partner, having a pressure vessel fabrication workforce of up to 35 men within a 30,000 ft.² workshop dedicated to pressure vessel fabrication. The workshop is outfitted with multiple overhead cranes ranging from five to 15 tonnes, multiple rolls and multiple automated sub-arc welders. All pressure vessels are supplied with ASME U-Stamps.


Fabrication and assembly shop: